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Guaranteed minimum lifetime annual income accounts assume no prior withdrawals have been taken, and you have elected the maximum Income Edge Plus benefit. If any prior withdrawals are taken, or if you have not elected the maximum Income Edge Plus benefit, your guaranteed income amounts will be lower. Once you start an Income Edge Plus Lifetime Income Withdrawal, your withdrawal percentage is locked in for your life, and your income amount is guaranteed not to decrease as long as you do not elect excess withdrawals. Your income amount may increase. When calculating guaranteed minimum lifetime annual income, the value is rounded down. Income Edge Plus Lifetime Income reduce the accumulated value of your base contract and the Income Account Value established by the Income Edge Rider Benefits demonstrated after waiting 11-15 years assume a reset has been elected between years 6-10, which may result in a higher charge than at issue. Benefits for joint annuitants are based on the younger annuitant's age and are lower than the values for a single annuitant. Income Withdrawals may be taken on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Income Withdrawals may be subject to taxation as ordinary income and if taken prior to age 59 ½ may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty tax. Income Withdrawals do not qualify for the exclusion ratio.

The Income Edge Plus Rider [forms AIRW (Rev. 02/08) or state variation] is issued by American Investors Life Insurance Company, Inc., Topeka, KS 66603. Availability may vary by state. You should refer to your annuity contract and rider for a full explanation of your annuity, this rider and any charges or limitations. Please consult an appointed representative for additional information.

Home Office Approval required for cases which will exceed $1 million in force on any one annuitant.

Distribution Period: Confinement Feature

Income Edge Plus provides a feature that can double the Rider Withdrawal Percentage during a time of Confinement for medical care, because this may be the time you need additional income the most.

Income Withdrawal Multiplier

After the first Contract Year, Income Edge Plus provides a feature that may increase the Rider Withdrawal percentage in the event you are confined to a qualified care facility. If you meet all the Confinement requirements (see the Certificate of Disclosure for full details) and elect to trigger this feature, an Income Withdrawal Multiplier of two (2) will be applied to your Income Withdrawal percentage, doubling your payment amount.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive this benefit, you must be confined to a qualified care facility for 180 days in a 250 day period. Although the qualifying Confinement Period can begin during the first Contract Year, the increased Rider Withdrawal percentage is not available until after the first Contract Year. In addition, you must be confined at the time of the Income Withdrawal to receive this increased income percentage. Once the confinement period ends, the Rider Withdrawal percentage will adjust back to the original income percentage. Please see the Income Edge Plus Certificate of Disclosure for full Confinement eligibility requirements.

These Withdrawals will not be considered in excess of the Free Withdrawal amount and therefore are not subject to a Withdrawal Charge or Market Value Adjustment. The increased income payment during the Confinement period will cause future Income Withdrawals to be reduced by the same amount that the Contract’s Accumulated Value is reduced as a result of the increased income payment.

If Lifetime Income Withdrawals were started prior to Confinement, the original Rider Withdrawal will be in place once Confinement eligibility requirements are no longer met.